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Did you know that the direction of your relationship with your cat depends on you? You are the one who chooses whether your cat gets used to affection or will simply consider you only a source of food! The affectionate gestures, the time spent together, will accustom your kitten to love.

Which is the best reward?

We know how irresistible all the meows are, and especially their enthusiastic gestures at the sound of their rewards bag! There is a multitude of products on the market assigned to this category for our dear furries. They come in the form of creams, in the form of sticks, in tubes, as vitamins or pills with a delicious content, all of these make mustaches happy! However, if you wish to maintain your cat’s affectionate personality, we suggest you give first a generous cuddling or play, before any food treats! Offer quality time to your furry friend and he will know he is loved and appreciated.

The term reward / treat is associated with giving something good in return for a behavior we encourage or a particular training procedure. The siberian cat for instance, is eager to be trained in various games and personalized routines that will delight his human too. Intellectual stimulation brings great benefits to the cat’s personality especially when the breed is curious and eager to explore everything new! But this reward does not need to be only food!


There are some key moments you can use to encourage a harmonious behavior of your cat!

Upon waking up! If your cat respects your sleeping schedule, immediately upon waking up, a generous cuddle is very welcome! This will encourage her to maintain this behavior that will both benefit from. You with a good sleep and she with a suitable reward!

Upon returning home! Either you are missing for a few hours or you are away at work, when you return home your pet will be happy to be with you again. I suggest you don’t give your cat a food reward the first thing when you get home, as your cat would understand that you feel guilty thus give her something tasty. But give her quality time , you can play with her favorite toy or how you like to spoil her, so your cat will understand that you missed being together and she is loved!

Spa in your own home! More jokingly, more seriously you can offer each other a so-called pampering spa time at home, depending of the need of the breed. For example, the siberian breed needs to be combed daily in order to not get tangled because of its triple-coat fur. Such a daily routine made in a relaxed setting, will give both of you a moment of delicious caress. Your cat will be pampered and cared for in the arms of her favorite human and you will have a purring therapy that will ease your thoughts, will sure bring a smile to your face and guaranteed will give you a good vibe for the next few hours!

Don’t forget that routine is your cat’s best friend so try to keep the same parts of the day chosen by you in advance for these unique pampering moments of your relationship!

How do you pamper your cat?

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