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Who doesn’t like a traditional Siberian or Neva Masquerade cat already used not to climb on curtains, to use its litter box properly, to let you brush it, a cat whose claws you can cut without leaving an impression that you have to apply a well-prepared tactic, worthy of a true strategist?! All these mean a socialized cat! This is a cat is raised in the bosom of the family, among people, with a lot of dedication and attention given by a responsible breeder who loves animals. For such a Siberian cat, man is the best friend, and she understands this from the first weeks of her life. The man caresses her, plays with her, brings her food, is kind to her. The kitten thus learns that it has no reason to avoid people. Joking more seriously, in our house, when we have little kittens, our walk is more like a drag of our feet on the floor because they don’t avoid us, not even to step on them!

Such a Siberian kitten quickly gains trust in his new family after leaving the home. It will be easy for him to adapt to the new space and the new people in his life. It will be easy to such a cat to give a treatment when needed, or to toilet it, clean it, bathe it, and even travel with it without becoming anxious or stressed. All this is possible thanks to a huge and patient work of the breeder. Did you know that at 5 weeks is the perfect time for kittens to have contact for the first time with the sounds and sensations offered by living with people? The first bath, the first play next to the vacuum cleaner, the noise of an electric mug in operation, the laughter from the TV….

Of course, the temperament of a cat differs from breed to breed, but still, there are two factors that leave their mark on the temperament of a cat throughout its life, regardless of the breed to which it belongs. One is the genetic factor. There are already studies done on the transmission of the father’s personality to kittens. The temperament of the breeding cats is very important and should not be neglected when you are looking for a kitten for your family. Often the breeding males (they mark their territory and become difficult for some to bear) are kept completely isolated and go wild because of this. Such a male is provided with what is necessary for his body, but he no longer has a share in the socialization and affection of people. So, you should study well the character of the father of your future kitten! The second factor is the youth in the cattery. It mostly involves what I wrote above. On a good temperamental genetic background, an adequate growth ensures the kitten the necessary habits for a very happy life both for him and for the future family. It is very likely that such a kitten will adapt from the first hour in his new family, which is very important and eliminates the huge stresses that an unsocialized kitten can be subjected to when he is taken from his mother and siblings and put in – a new context, which often involves traveling by car for several hours.

In conclusion, we wish you socialized, happy and very loved Siberian kittens! For examples of socialization and adaptation of the traditional Siberian or Neva Masquerade kittens from our cattery, we invite you to follow us on the page of our cattery Nobilissima Cattery!

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