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Fluffy, cuddly and purring, cats are loved by children and rightly so! They become a good companion, present day and night, a reliable friend when you are punished by your parents or simply when you want to teach your cat to bring your socks! Instead, you will have to provide some “services” such as cleaning the cat’s toilet, making sure she gets the food that is good for her, respect her meal times, and let her sleep even if you would prefer instead to play when she is already snoring. ITEM FOR CHILDREN 🙂

I gladly answered the invitation to participate in a project for secondary school students on the theme “The responsibility of the beauty to have a cat in your life”. A welcome subject, where the Siberian meowdels Dolce and Nobilisima Dionis were admired, kissed and caressed, to their great happiness! We were waited for and welcomed with a lot of respect for animals, everyone was careful to respect the few environmental details that help a cat not to stress in a completely new space with so many strangers. I was impressed by the children’s reaction, by the desire to respect all these details in order to enjoy the caress and sweet presence of these little animals. No one made noise from the seats, no one shouted, raised their voices, they waited politely in their seats to enjoy Dionis, asked questions and learned interesting information about Siberian Cat breed, about a pedigree, about international competitions of cats.

Dionis is only 4 months old, he is a boy-kitten, and although it was his first appearance in public, he thoroughly enjoyed the children’s attention, purring continuously. He rocked!! Dolce, on the other hand, didn’t feel like socializing that day. It’s still happening! The perfect opportunity to be clear that the cat is not a doll! She has her own needs, mood, routine, which must be respected and understood! Dolce is a one-year-old boy, he is a teenager, he really likes car trips, he is curious about new places (including hotels, accommodation abroad) and we take him with us on short vacations. He is a special specimen of the Siberian breed, so that at this moment he participates in the international contests of purebred cats, in order to obtain the level of Grand International Champion.

So if you like cats and your parents allow you to have one in your own house, here are some tips I offer you:

  • ask your parents to inquire in advance about the temperament of the cat’s breed, to choose what you like.
  • give them only special food for cats, quality one, and on time! A cat eats little and often, make sure it always has access to the necessary food
  • it needs fresh water, which you also drink. Wash the bowls every morning before changing your pet’s water
  • make sure that the litter box where the cat poops is always clean. It’s not hard at all, you just have to remember. Otherwise, you risk to clean it in another part of the room… Cats are very clean animals.
  • be gentle with the kitten, play and enjoy her presence, let her delight you and love you. Don’t forget that you will be the one she depends on!
  • let her sleep when she needs to. A cat sleeps even 16 hours a day, it has different needs from ours.

And don’t forget, if your cat is happy you will smile every day of your life!

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