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For a long time, people who wanted a pet, but suffered from allergies to dogs and cats, could not imagine that they could still enjoy a furry soul in their homes. Pets bring a smile to our faces, give us comfort through the warmth of their affection and thus make us happier! In recent years, catteries with various breeds of cats have started to be registered in Romania, some including the rarest ones, unknown before, and which were not present in our country. And the good news arrived!

If you want a kitten with gorgeous fur, a hypoallergenic cat because you are allergic to pets, the Siberian breed can be the long-sought answer! Already famous for this exceptional quality, Siberians are hypoallergenic cats that bring joy to homes where there are also people suffering from such allergies.

The cause of allergies is the Fel D1 protein, secreted by the cat’s sebaceous glands and found in both saliva and urine. That is precisely why hairless cat breeds do not implicitly exclude the presence of an increased allergenic factor!

It is important to understand that a hypoallergenic cat is not NON-ALLERGENIC, but can only present a lower allergenic factor. During the discussions we have with our potential clients before signing up for the waiting list, you will be able to receive guidance and recommendations based on our experience with allergic people. Also, not all Siberian cats secrete the same level of Fel D1. That’s why you will be able to have a Nobilissima Siberian cat from hypoallergenic lineages, also confirmed by the experience of previous litters.

We invite you to read the testimonials of customers who have Nobilissima hypoallergenic Siberian cats, in the reviews section on our website.

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siberian kittens all around the world from nobilissima cattery in Romania

We are happy to be able to offer our Siberian kittens loving and caring homes all around the world

From the hustle and bustle of the cities, to the picturesque scenery of mountain villages or the enchanting tranquility, our kitties are captivated by the comforts of their forever home wherever they are.

Areas where Siberian kittens from our cattery live so far:

Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Sweden

Arad, Cluj, Timisoara, Ilfov, Bucharest, Iasi, Streaja, Prahova

Siberian cats

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