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hypoallergenic cats, with a unique temperament, jovial, intelligent, brave and friendly

The most beautiful, authentic and expressive Siberian cats in Romania!

The highest standard of
Siberian cats in Romania
can be found at Nobilissima Cattery

Siberian cats have a unique temperament, they are affectionate, confident, brave, friendly and relaxed both in human company and among other pets!

We breed with love

Discover the fascinating world of Siberian kittens, so called the little snow tigers. These lovely kittens are known for their lush fur, playful personality and their hypoallergenic quality.

About Nobilissima Cattery

We are Augustina and Ionel, a happy couple who love cats! We live in the mountainous area, isolated from urban noise and pollution, we have an orchard, a flower garden, a green yard, where we enjoy nature in the company of our funny Siberians. Our cats are our children, they are our friends, they are our source of candor and constant reconnection to purity and cuteness. We are completely fascinated by this fantastic breed with a unique and adorable temperament, and feel lucky to have them in our lives.

I was delighted to discover that we really like participating in cat shows. We participate every time the time allows us, we learn important aspects from the international judges about the characteristics of our cats and thus we can improve our breeding program so that our Siberian lines express the standard of this breed at the highest level. We make efforts to bring to our end Siberian cats from outside the country from very good genetic lines, very correct and amazing as standard.
Pisici siberiene de vanzare | Felisa Nobilissima
siberian cats nobilissima ROMANIA

About the breed

The Siberian cat is a fascinating combination of beauty, intelligence and affection, making them ideal pets for many families. Their imposing appearance and lush fur, their balanced and playful personality, as well as their increased tolerance to allergens, are just some of the qualities that have brought them popularity around the world. With proper care and attention, a Siberian cat can become a reliable companion and an invaluable friend for the whole family.


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siberian kittens all around the world from nobilissima cattery in Romania

We are happy to be able to offer our Siberian kittens loving and caring homes all around the world

From the hustle and bustle of the cities, to the picturesque scenery of mountain villages or the enchanting tranquility, our kitties are captivated by the comforts of their forever home wherever they are.

Areas where Siberian kittens from our cattery live so far:

Switzerland, France, Italy, Romania, Sweden

Arad, Cluj, Timisoara, Ilfov, Bucharest, Iasi, Streaja, Prahova

Siberian cats

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