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A breed whose standard was declared and decided relatively soon compared to other breeds, in 1989, the Siberian cat is still known since ancient times in Russia.The Siberian cat  is a fascinating combination of beauty, intelligence and affection, making them ideal pets for many families. Their imposing appearance and lush fur, their balanced and playful personality, as well as their increased tolerance to allergens, are just some of the qualities that have brought them popularity around the world. With proper care and attention, a Siberian cat can become a reliable companion and an invaluable friend for the whole family.

       STANDARD. The Siberian is a cat of medium to large size, with an allure that inspires an excellent physical condition, robust, healthy, powerful. Her face has a sweet expression. The length of the fur puts it in the semi-long hair category, but with a special characteristic. Siberians are a natural breed, so the fur reflects the climate in which this breed developed, is triple layered, very dense, the top layer being water repellant. The Siberian develops a beautiful collar around her neck, the tail is very bushy, normally carried it up with pride. Inside the ears it has tufts of cute hair, which protect it from the cold, this breed resists very well to low temperatures. It is a breed that reaches physical maturity at 5 years old, males reaching up to 10-13 kg and females up to 7 kg, approximately. The back legs are longer than the front ones, which gives them the ability to jump great distances in length or height. They are very agile, flexible and they like physical movement. The bone structure of the head is in the shape of a trapezoid with the smaller part down, and the general impression is of roundness.

        TEMPERAMENT. Perhaps one of the most adaptable breeds, the Siberian cat adapts to changes in the external environment easily. For those who travel or have several homes during a year, the company of a Siberian will not be difficult. Being curious and intelligent, they like to discover new places and events together with their owner. Because they trust themselves, they are fearless and friendly with new people and with other pets. They are balanced and their inner calm is not easily disturbed by anyone. Very playful, acrobatic by nature, they like to jump on high shelves and climb the climbing posts. It is known as a cheerful, spontaneous breed, with a puppy temperament that follows you everywhere. They are affectionate, cute and sometimes dramatic. If the breeder bath them since kittens, they will enjoy water and bathing.  Brushing the fur is a routine that should be maintained daily to avoid tangles. 

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