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I leave the kitchen and I have to open the door slowly, not to accidentally hit some lazy champion sitting  in the doorway waiting for me. There is always one who occupies that place! He sees me, gets up happily and follows me with his bushy tail proudly waving it in the air. On the stairs we are greeted by two other Siberian cats who shout firmly that they want something good to eat, something special, from the reward shelf if possible, because they know it's worth it. They are champion Siberian cats, aren't they?! 🙂 All are beautiful, unique in their own way, polite and affectionate. And! Not to forget! CHAMPIONS!

Officially, in Nobilissima Cattery, all the Siberians are champions! A L L !!! We have The Champions Cattery!! This also means that every Siberian from our Cattery has been arbitrated by expert international referees. We received their expert opinion and advice, where the case, to have the best and most beautiful lineages of Siberian cats in Nobilissima! Also, each of the Nobilissima Siberians was at least once nominated for Best in Show, they received Best in Show, Best opposite sex awards. We even have a WCF RING MASTER won by our end, by Dolce! I confess that I am proud and happy for this achievement!

It is not easy to achieve this performance, it requires a lot of dedication, trust in our cats and their lineages. It requires time allocated for these trips, most of them long distances. Time allocated for continuous maintaining them in a great fur shape ,time for the show preparation of the cats, cleaned, beautified, styled, basically it's a beauty contest. For a triple-layer fur like that of Siberians, this is often not an easy job, which I do at home on my own. Including the choice of accommodation during the contests requires meticulousness. Because it would be work in vain to prepare the cat's fur for 10 days, so that in the first 10 minutes spent at the accommodation I wake up that, for example, Dolce is gray where he should be white, or even worse, that he hits something smeared with Vaseline and now it's all over his forehead!

Siberians are curious cats, open to exploring everything new. That's why the trips for these competitions are a real adventure for them, which they enjoy to the maximum by checking everything. They don't miss anything new that moves around 🙂 During competitions they sometimes get bored if those last too long for their taste, but never stressed or aggressive. They are eager for new toys, and sometimes they even pose to be admired by everyone. It is a fabulous breed!

How to maintain a champion

Each breed has its own specific needs. As for the breed of Siberian cats, their fur requires constant attention, especially for a show specimen. Combed, brushed, careful not to tangle. Also, the food is suitable for the age and of course, specially chosen to keep the fur beautiful and healthy, even during the molting period. Periodic bathing is of real benefit for such a thick and triple-layered coat. This is done in several stages, adapted to the needs of each individual cat, depending on the color of the fur, its texture and the cat's gender.

Ah, the food... How could it be otherwise than worthy of champions? 🙂 And not only the food, but also the fixed schedule of mealtimes is highly appreciated by these champion Siberian cats! It is a gesture of mutual respect. They let us sleep all night and are really kind, and in return we give them the first wet meal of the day at first! "I mean, we let you sleep, but when you woke up, you know how we want you to reward us, right?!"

Our Siberian cats live in the house with us, always between our feet  everywhere 🙂 , which maintains their affectionate temperament and very connected with people. However, we often engage them in certain special games, designed to help them feel very at ease during feline competitions.

Although it is almost continuous work to maintain a Siberian cat in excellent show condition, the specific temperament of this breed makes it such a pleasant job! Siberians are spontaneous, intelligent, funny, and every hour they bring a smile to our faces! Who is luckier, us or them? 🙂

Our champions greet you:

ICH WCF Ring Master Dolce Gabanna Blue Harmony of Nobilissima

CH Tosya Marusino Lukoshko of Nobilissima

CH Ustinka Larimur of Nobilissima

CH Nobilissima ADoRe

JCH / CHWaterglints Hermes of Nobilissima

KCH Nobilissima Adonis - (neutered - happy companion)

KCH Nobilissima Eyal

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