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Waiting for an already reserved kitten has a special charm due to the enthusiasm and emotion of the future family preparing for the arrival of this fluffy soul! Especially for those who will have a pet for the first time, this process can be intimidating due to the overwhelming variety of options on the market of available products, as well as the multitude of opinions about what exactly would your cat need in a home to be as happy as possible and grows up healthy. That is precisely why we are trying to offer the best advice about the products and objects suitable for this breed. In this article, we aim to cover the general needs that every home should prepare in the period between booking and bringing the kitten into your family's bosom.

The space.

Even if you already have a pet at home or not, it is important that at least for a few days from the moment of arrival in your home you can allocate a clearly delimited space where it can benefit from human presence. This space is necessary to relax, adjust to new smells of the house, and to begin to trust you. Also here he will have the litter box with litter tray, food and water, to have them at hand until he manages, in the near future, to get to know the whole house and not get lost when he needs the litter box. No other cat or dog will enter this space during the time allotted for this accommodation. The correct perspective of the arrangement of this space is like a room for a small child. Which instead can have access to everything, on all levels in the room, because yes, Siberians are curious, agile and they like to jump as high as possible, or find ways to access the highest places in the room. Therefore, it is important not to have toxic substances, plants toxic to cats, detergents, freely accessible in this room. Cables can be an attraction, at least for the time being, although during their growth we eventually get used to them as well. The lack of cleanliness in that space will be immediately charged by the little fluffy by the fact that it will become a natural rug for all the corners you forgot to clean.

Objects necessary for hygiene.


For the Siberian breed, it is important to brush the fur, as often as possible, if not even daily, in order not to get tangled. Please consider using brushes that have a plastic tip at the end of the metal wires, so as not to scratch the cat. The kittens in our area are used to this routine as a treat, so you only have to maintain this useful pleasure, in a healthy routine.

Cat nail clippers.

A special nail clipper for cats is required for cutting the claws. We recommend not to use the guillotine type because unwanted injuries may occur.

Litter box.

If you want a litter box that you can use successfully even after the Siberian kitten reaches physical maturity, we recommend a large litter box, type XXL, considering the size of this breed. The size of the litter box is important for the cat's comfort, but the shape is important for your comfort. You can purchase a rectangular, triangular corner or covered litter box. It is welcome to have high edges, so that the cat does not take out a lot of sand when it digs in the sand or when it skilfully and persistently covers the dirt in the litter box.


To clean the dirt from the litter box, it is good to have the holes big enough to separate the sand, otherwise you will unnecessarily throw a lot of clean sand along with the dirt.

Hygienic bedding.

The kittens leave our home being used to a litter box with sand. The type of sand chosen depending on the budget, the perfume or the preferred texture is for your comfort, as long as it is not a dusty one that would harm them.


In the first 3 weeks after you take the kitten from the cattery, it is very important that he eats the same food that he is used to in the cattery. After these three weeks, if you want to switch to another food, we recommend that you do this gradually, adding 10% more daily of the new food mixed with the old one, so that their digestion is not affected.

Dry food.

Dry food will be left at the discretion of the kitten in a bowl. The food is adapted to their age, kitten, until at least 10 months old.

Wet food.

Although not all kittens will like wet food during their life, they will still start eating quality wet food twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, excluding food like "sauce packets". We recommend that you maintain this healthy routine at least until adulthood.

The rewards.

Rewards are a tasty treat for kittens. They can be found in different forms and consistent flavors. We will recommend some rewards that, in addition to the irresistible delicious taste for a kitten, also have health benefits specific to their age.

Other necessities.

Transport cage.

For visits to the vet, transport from the house to the car, on short or long journeys, the transport cage is necessary from the moment you pick up the kitten from our home. If you leave it in the room where he sleeps, it will turn into a bed, it will be that "safe place" that every kitten needs, it will be a discreet panda place. All you need in the cage is a mat that can be cleaned periodically.

Sisal or climbing equipment.

Available in various sizes and models, at least a small sisal is necessary to use it for sharpening the claws, thus leaving the sofas or other objects in your home intact. A climbing tree is very much loved by any cat, and it often becomes their bed and place to relax. When purchasing such a set, take into account that the kitten is a Siberian breed, respectively the weight it will reach and the size, so that it is stable and sturdy enough and with sufficiently spacious sitting platforms.

The bowls.

For wet food, dry food and water, your kitten will need at least 3 bowls. We recommend that it be made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Kitten starter set!

We are here to help you!  Hence offer the option of taking care of the starter kit with necessities to cover the first 3 weeks, for those who want it, and then when you pick up the kitten from Nobilissima Cattery, you can take it from us. With the condition of a prior notice one month before taking over the kitten.
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